Learn How To Dropship On Ebay


There are millions of products on eBay, but did you know that many sellers who are on eBay never actually handle or keep stock of the items they sell online?

Instead, they source their products from a separate online seller, often at a wholesale price, and list the sourced items in their own eBay store. Many sellers will use the exact images, product titles, and descriptions provided by their dropship suppliers.

Once a sale has been made, the dropshipper will fulfill the order through their dropship company, which will supply and ship the item to the customer.

Because the goods are shipped directly to your customers, you as the dropshipper simply acts as a sort of middleman between the supplier and the consumer, sourcing products in bulk and selling them at a good retail price on eBay.

Dropshipping is allowed on eBay, provided the seller guarantees delivery within 30 days of the end of the listing. Although the shipping time and item quality are not directly in the seller’s control, eBay places full responsibility in their hands.

Anyone with an eBay seller account can start dropshipping on eBay! You’ll want to begin by deciding on what products to sell, and then sourcing those products from a wholesaler or other supplier that can guarantee quick and reliable shipping.

You won’t see a huge return with just a few sales; the key to successful dropshipping is volume. Most dropshippers only net a few dollars per sale.

Factors such as pricing, marketing efforts, and timing can make or break a dropshipping strategy.

The biggest benefit of having a dropship store is that you don’t have to be in possession of the products you’re selling before you list them.

Once you’ve sourced a reliable supplier to use for order fulfillment, simply create your eBay listings and decide when to post, how to market, and what price point you think will get you a high volume of sales and earn a profit.

Once you’ve listed your products on eBay and the sales start coming in, your next priority is to build and maintain a fabulous reputation with your customers by fulfilling their orders and promptly dealing with any issues that may arise.


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